Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kimberley and Emma's Photostory

We learned how to make photostories with Ms F and the Digikidz. We talked about things we do at the weekend then we went out and took some photos. We tried very hard to remember what to do on our own so that we can help our friends use Photostory. When we got stuck we looked at our how to help sheets. Then we worked with a partner in room 4 to help them make a Photostory. Hayley and Cooper the Room 6 Digikidz came to help us. Watch this space for some of the group's fabulous work coming soon.


  1. What clever kids. I really enjoyed watching and listening to your photostory. Did you take the photos yourselves? I am looking forward to finding out what you'll be up to next.

  2. Wow what a great photostory. I really like the picture of you planting in the garden.

    From SB

  3. cool room04, was EK realy digging in the dirt?I think you did a great job. But maybe next time you could talk a little music. KND and CB