Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Water Care Badges

Today Room 12 came and shared the Water Care badges they had made. Each badge had a message on it. They got to share lots of things that they knew about water with us. Did you know that only 1% of the earth's water can be used safely!
Here are some video clips that JM took showing children explaining their badges.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bodie and Sara have made their own voki. They are so very proud of this!!

Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


EK also did videoing. She got some great close ups. They look like they are having sooooo much fun!

EK had a turn videoing also. She videoed some great Jump Jammers!!

KND did some videoing also. She used a tripod when videoing. In Room 4 we decided that using a tripod makes the video not so shaky. Pod 2 are Jump Jamming to "Who Let The Dogs Out"

We love doing Jump Jam each morning. This was CH's first attempt at taking a video. She took a photo of Pod 2 doing "Witch Doctor"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shaun The Sheep

In Room 4 we played the Great New Zealand Quiz and found out that there are more sheep than people! We also watched this video clip about Shaun the Sheep. We thought it was very funny! We think you might too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Goodnight Kiwi

In Room 4 we love kiwis and the Goodnight Kiwi is part of KIWIana. The Goodnight Kiwi came on television at the end of the night when it was time to turn the telly off and go to bed!!I wonder why The Goodnight Kiwi is not shown on TV now!

Rugby ball getting kicked by BH

My rugby ball got kicked so high that it went over the goal posts and was a conversion for 2 more points to make 6.

Kiwi animation by HW

My little, brown kiwi pecked a worm out of the ground and ate it. He felt full. I wish my animation had talking in it, next time I will do that.

Beautiful pohutukawa tree by RW

Here is my tall pohutukawa tree which is growing sparkly green, leaves and lovely, red flowers on the tree.

Paua shell animation by SKB

My lovely shiny, paua shell is getting washed up on the beach and there is a cheeky fish which you can see getting closer to you.

Rugby ball animation by SLB

I made an animation of a bouncing, oval rugby ball which is soaring over the post to score a try.  And win the game to get a trophy.

as animtion

The soccer ball is zooming across the field and into the goal!

kiwiana animation

I made a pavlova animation.The animation was about a person making a pavlova. On top of the pavlova there were pineapple and strawberries.