Tuesday, March 30, 2010

During Term One we visited The Zoo, Cockle Bay Beach and reserve and Tahuna Torea. We have learned about many New Zealand native fauna and flora.

This is a picture trail of many native New Zealand flora and fauna that we know. How many of these do you know the names of?


  1. Nice Picturetrail Mrs M - I'm going to use it to test Room 3 and see how many different types of flora and fauna they can name.

  2. I just loved your Picturetrail. I've heard that you have learned heaps and heaps about the different types of plants and animals that are native to New Zealand. You might like to check out the Room 10 blog (room10sps2010.blogspot.com)to look at our slideshow. We read a book all about the Kereru during Book Week and then made puppets. I wonder if you could name all the different birds we made?