Friday, August 6, 2010

Logos and Symbols

Logos and Symbols...what a lot Room 4 know!


  1. Well done Room 4, you certainly do know lots about logos and symbols. It is interesting that all your activities have different logos and symbols that are very special to them. I especially liked the Howick Hornets symbol.

    I thought CH, SKD and KND used very clear voices and they were easy to listen too. Great expression KND.

    From Mrs Pittaway

  2. Great work Room 4! We liked how you used expression when speaking. We also liked when you spoke loudly and clearly. We liked the logos that you brought in to share.

  3. we love the things that you said because it was intresting to lisen to.IL i like the way you talKET.lm SOME OF YOUR VOICIS WEREN'T LOUD ENOUGH

  4. I really like your logos and symbols on your
    video. RF