Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For Mothers Day we made some "Handbag" cards. When you opened the flap there was a pop up inside and our messge to our mums was written on this!! A silver painted pasta bow was the clasp on the front of the handbag and a pipe cleaner was the handle. They looked sooo cool!!

Here are some of our Mothers Day messages.
Mum, you are like a beautiful snuggly cat because you are so warm. EK
Mum, you are like a master chef because you make awesome chocolate cake. BH
Mum, you are like a lolly because you are really sweet. AMW
Mum, you are like a kingfisher because you like to eat fish. SH
Mum, you are like a race car because you like driving fast. HW
I love you mum, you are a star! RE


  1. Those cards are sooooo cute!!! I'm sure your Mums loved them. CB, how do you always manage to shut your eyes when someone is taking a photo?!

  2. Wow, I thought they were real handbags until I read your post. What fantastic cards. Your Mums must have really loved them. I wonder if you could write some instructions on how to make them so that we could try it one day.

  3. We love the handbags you made.
    We made some cards for our Mums too.
    Hi Mrs Mills, from Sandy McFadyen.
    Can keep an eye on you now!!

  4. Hi Sandy!! Do you have a blog that we can look at and become blogging buddies?
    We hope that you keep visiting our blog.